Alan Smith with Live Nation needed a bunch of covered and walled space on the stage left side of our SL320. We added decks to make the wings 12’x40’. Then covered them with our black tents (with black walls).

The black tops and walls work well for two reasons. The big reason is social media. With white tents all a cell phone photo sees is the white tent. Because the stage is black it turns into a black hole. Kinda like taking a photo of a black kitten on a sunny day. So if you have black tents on the side of your stage, you can still see what’s on stage and what the banners say. The end result is the Social Media photos show what you want them to. If your tent is white, you get a photo of a white tent.

And that’s not all. Most equipment side stage uses some sort of screen. All cell phones have a screen. With a black tent and black sides you don’t get glare. Try reading any screen in a white tent on a bright day, it doesn’t work.

Here are some photos of our large wings we did for Live Nation.