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Mobile Stages in the Atlanta Area



SL320 for Spellman Graduation

Here is a good looking set up for Spellman with an ADA ramp. Our SL320 has had a busy spring with graduations in Atlanta.

SL100 mobile stage for a Graduation.

Here is one of our StageLine SL100’s at North Atlanta High. Ready for graduations.

South Georgia events are happing. StageLine SL100. (at least south of Atlanta)

Not a bad looking set up. Looks like they will make the noon start time. 9am to noon set ups used to be a stressful day, Seems like it’s easy these days now that we don’t have Genie towers and... Continue Reading →

Meanwhile in South Carolina….. Charles gets to help set up an SL100.

We got a call to help a brother out with a stage rental and got to help Chad out and see some old friends at the same time.

Here is a really good looking StageLine SL250 that we did for Pisgah AVL in Asheville NC

Cameron made the drive up from Jacksonville to do this beautiful set up. Pisgah AVL gave us the call. Looks great. Good looking set up.

StageLine SL100 on a hill side in Tennesse.

Big Bill Abner got the call to go set a stage rental and found out it was a bit more inclined than anyone expected. They do better when the stage left is down hill. This might not have happened if... Continue Reading →

Quick flip of an SL320 mobile stage.

Our favorite band had an event pop up and needed a quick stage. We found an SL260 for them, but they really wanted an SL320. Bigger is better and they want to be better so they went bigger. So Cameron... Continue Reading →

Seeing double on our StageLine SL320.

Cameron was seeing double mobile stages this weekend in Florida. Here is a really cool set up. Stereo StageLine SL320’s for our friends at AVL outa Jacksonville. Mobile stages sitting wide by side 40x40. Stages sitting in place getting ready... Continue Reading →

Something bright and cheery on a cold winter day. Here are some lanterns we got to hang for HARRAHS for the Chinese New Year.

This is greatly scaled back due to Corona. But it’s way nice to have something bright and red a cheerful to do on these cold winter days. We are not done with this set up yet, but here are some... Continue Reading →

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