The live event industry is basically shut down. There are a few things going on with social spaced events, or other small gatherings. But not many. Many of us have found work doing live stream events, but to me that’s really not the live event industry. My business has been VERY fortunate in that we have had many events come up that are outside and socially spaced. This has allowed us to provide mobile stage rentals for holiday events, and graduations and church events. I have never been as greatful for a night of worship service as I am these days.

Because of the rise of Covid 19 cases we have had 3 cancellations in the last week. It’s not like March and April. But it’s very scary to see our industry struggling to find it’s legs and take a fall like this. The recent event cancellations are understandable in that the people putting these on do not want to be responsible for spreading the virus more. It’s that simple.

Congress and the Senate have let us down. No matter what team you batt for it is undeniable that we are being used as pawns for their games.