We helped RCS put this together with our SL100 It was a huge success:

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Hey Becca!


It was INCREDIBLE!!!  I had no idea what all went into an event like this, but all of the time, sweat, tears, were definitely worth it.  Magnolia Golf Group and RCS were wonderful to work with, APD was great, and of course North Point Mall was so generous to allow us to have this event on their property for free!  We couldn’t have pulled this off so quickly without everyone’s help…I’m still shocked we pulled it off when the idea came to life just under 6 weeks ago!


Here is one set of pictures from Saturday (we had multiple photographers/videographers on site): https://photos.app.goo.gl/FJNNy35RyaAEhEbe6


Here is some drone footage: https://youtu.be/W2isW2OJcLc


Here are some of the comments by parents/students:


  • “Kudos to you for pulling off the BEST graduation celebration!!! It was truly awesome!  Thanks for all of your hard work!”


  • “Y’all knocked that out of the park this morning! Thank you for making it so special for the kids—it was PERFECT!!”


  • “I just wanted to reach out to say the Drive in Celebration yesterday was awesome.  The energy was electric and the kids had a great time.  Although the Class of 2020 did not get the traditional ceremony, I believe they got something maybe a little better.  I truly feel the sense of closure that I may have thought we were missing out on previously.”


  • “When we first learned of the drive-in graduation event, we had no idea what to expect (I guess no one did).  We thought it was so very well-done, from the arch of balloons to the hat toss, and we thought the ceremony was in some ways even better than a traditional graduation event!”


  • “I just want to say thank you for the work and persistence in making the drive-in graduation happen and be such a success.  I have to admit that we were all a bit skeptical and my daughter had basically just resigned herself to not having a “real” graduation. The celebration this morning was fabulous!  We had a wonderful morning and said it really felt like a graduation.  The kids got to be together and the energy of the occasion really carried the day.”


  • “I’ll be honest, we had no expectation for today.  Possibly even a low expectation for today.  We assumed it was going to miss the mark, fall short, or just not be “enough”.  However, to say it exceeded our expectations is an understatement.  The waving teachers and staff, the honking of horns, the decorated cars, and honestly just “being together in one place” created the environment these kids have earned, deserved and were craving.  What I didn’t know was that I have been craving it too. What showed today was that you all were craving it too. It was awesome!  Thank you.  Thank you for thinking outside of the box.  Thank you for pulling strings, and making the connections that I’m sure you had to, in order to pull that off.  Thank you for the emotion in your voice in your speech today.  Thank you for showing the community how much you care.  Thank you for creating a celebratory environment. I want you to know that we will cherish this morning.”


Again, thank you SO much for helping us make this idea a reality.  I heard that we had the biggest event in Georgia since the pandemic started…and it was safe!  How cool! 😊


Whitney Decaminada

Alpharetta High School

Testing Coordinator & Data Specialist

504 Coordinator & 504 Chair for Last Name R – SE

Link Crew & Prom Coordinator

Head Football Cheerleading Coach


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Hi Whitney,


We are curious and I would like to report back to our team – how did it go?  Were you satisfied after all the prep and hard work?  I know the students and parents really appreciated it!


I drove by about 8 am and saw the beautiful archway for the students.


We use RCS all the time, so hope you were happy with them!