I’m going to read a few pages of  “Entertainment Rigging” by Harry Donovan every day for the next few weeks as something I can do for self improvement during this down time.   Then I am going to blog about the section I read that day and hopefully come out of this with fresh or refreshed knowledge.    I have read much of it over the years, but never beginning  to end.       And because so much of the rigging we do these days is very simple, I have not stayed up on figuring bridals and knowing ratings off the top of my head.

Today I read the Introduction.   One part that jumped out at me was the line “Rigging is inherently safer than ground supported lifts.”    It stands out to me because so many times we see events that now end up being ground supported to avoid the cost of rigging.    Many event venues charge so much for “in house’ rigging that it ends up driving people to do more dangerous things on the ground.

This chapter also went over the life and death of Harry Donovan and pointed out that he rigged about 200,000 points and never had one fail.    He only had one injury on one of his crews (a broken thumb).    That’s an impressive career.