To say this has been a hard week in the live event production business would be a joke.   This has been beyond tough.    Our business has evaporated over the last few days.  My insurance guy actually sent me an email about what’s going on and was genuinely concerned for our industry.  He  explained what small business could expect in payouts from insurance companies for this type of thing (which is basically nothing for my type of company and my type of insurance)      It was really good to get that email, even if the news was not good.   I am really worried that business may fail over the next few months (my small business included).    The links below came from a Kroger’s email, and I followed some and found this about our business.    If we all follow the suggestions from the CDC maybe we can be back to work in time to set up some graduations or at least convocations.      This doesn’t really tell us much about what to do, but reading it can only help:

Get Your Mass Gatherings or Large Community Events Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019    Mass Gathering LInk

LInk to CDC Corona Virus