Chad from American sent me this SL100 mobile stage job.  And Ernie came out in the rain and the cold to help set up.    Cameron ended up doing the strike with Ernie that looked like it went till after 4 am. 

This mobile stage job was next to the Chattanooga choo-choo.   SL100
SL100 Mobile Stage
Thank you Ernie for helping set this mobile stage.  I know you had other things going on that day.   Thanks for staying and getting it done.
Rainy day set up of an SL100 in Chattanooga
The mobile stage was scheduled to strike at 12:30 am.   But Cameron found this costume party going on so the out got late.
Costume Party on SL100 Mobile Stage

This site in Chattanooga is really neat.    It’s next to the Chattanooga Cho-cho.