At first glance the mobile stage SL260 is just taller.  In Atlanta we really like these units.   There are 2 that live here, one SL250 that can be a 255, and more with in a few hundred miles of Atlanta.  Stage Line made the SL260 mobile stage just slightly better.   The fly bar is a full 21′ off the deck.   BUT when you pick the parts up, you feel that this is a much more heavy duty unit.   And when it’s fully set, the 260 looks huge.     The extra 4′ is amazing with a lighting rig, or upstage video.

It can be built out to be a SL265 as well. and some have a video wall bar that goes over the top.   I tell people this is and the mobile stage SL250 are the best products that Stage Line has out there, they are the best bang for your money.

Please call or text for a quote, we offer some of the most economic prices for SL260 mobile stages in this market.

This is the Product Brochure for the SL260.   It has the lifting capacity and the banner sizes:    3-sl260_productbrochure_dec2016

Mor SL260 photos:


And here is a slide show, that is 250, 255 and 260:

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