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Mobile Stages in the Atlanta Area



StageLine SL320

Here is an SL320 set up in Gatlinburg TN.

SL100 Panama City Beach FL

StageLine SL100 set up at Panama City Beach.

SL100 for Community Bible Church. Jodico Road. Griffin GA. Working the The Show Business. Hot day for a mobile stage rental.

Whisky Barrels and String Lights.

I love the look of whiskey barrels and string lights. Jake Scott added some colorful pendants and up lights to give the event a very festive look.

SL100 for drive in MLK day celebration.

Charles got the tough gig this weekend with a drive in SL100 / sound / lighting gig. All by one person. That’s a bunch to do !!

SL100 Mobile Stage at Pullman Yard for Atlanta United

StageLine SL100 Mobile Stage at Pullman Yard in Atlanta. With some help from OAV, Bill Abner and Aaron Levit we had a very successful event at the Pullman Yard tonight. Go Atlanta Untied.

SL100 Mobile Stage in Griffin and Community Bible.

Jake got to flip this SL100 over night to roll from the First Assembly of God in Griffin to Community Bible near Love Joy. Our fiends at The Show Business knock these two events out of the park every year.... Continue Reading →

July 4 StageLine SL250 in North Carolina

Cameron went up and set this SL250 mobile stage for our friends at Pisgah AVL. Photos don’t do the viewing here justice. It’s an amazing view.

Pigeon Forge SL320 mobile stage.

We sent Evan to cover the SL320 mobile stage in Pigeon Forge TN this weekend. Looks like RCS Productions brought the beautiful weather. Evan’s brother Cameron went up to help with the strike. This is another unit we had to... Continue Reading →

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