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Mobile Stages in the Atlanta Area



And our first SL250 set of 2021

Here is what Cameron did on Sunday. He set our first SL250 Mobile Stage for 2021. This was in Warner Robbins GA for Dole Productions who supplied sound and lights. Thanks for the gig Dole.

Stage Rental for Churches in Atlanta Georgia.

This is our SL100 set up in Atlanta GA for a Sunday Church Servies

Happy Anniversary Highwire Brewery

Happy Anniversary Highwire Brewery! We miss helping you celebrate your anniversary and look forward to partying with you soon.

Another SL100 for July

I really think that these smaller events are what is going to get us to doing mid size events. And figuring out how to do a mid size event in a pandemic is what's going to bring back our event... Continue Reading →

Here is a list of financial help for freelance artist of any kind.

This would be helpful to many of my fiends that I know through the mobile stage rental business. There is more at

Something to help the live event production business survive the next few months:

To say this has been a hard week in the live event production business would be a joke.   This has been beyond tough.    Our business has evaporated over the last few days.  My insurance guy actually sent me an... Continue Reading →

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