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Mobile Stages in the Atlanta Area

Covered 12x 40 sound wings for our SL320

Alan Smith with Live Nation needed a bunch of covered and walled space on the stage left side of our SL320. We added decks to make the wings 12’x40’. Then covered them with our black tents (with black walls). The... Continue Reading →

Our first SL100 mobile stage set of 2021.

Here is our unit #431 set up in Atlanta for a political rally. It has a camera riser on the front that is level with the main stage. Thanks for this rental from Live Nation. production from Music Matters.

Our new SL100 Mobile Stage is here.

We received our new Stage Line Mobile Stage SL100 and set it up today. It’s clean and looks good and is ready to do some social distance events.

Mike Tyson’s fight from the AP

Look at this socially distanced event. Another clean set up with our SL100 by StageLine in Dallas a Georgia.

StageLine SL100 Mobile Stage set up for the tree lighting for Down Town Dallas GA Thanks to RCS for giving us the call on this event. And thank you to Charles and Billy Kirk for doing the event !!! Looks... Continue Reading →

We Supply Portable Mobile Stages for Social Distanced Events.

Prior to 2020 we were the leading supplier of Stageline mobile stages in the Atlanta Area. Now we are doing even more mobile stages and covering Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennesse, Virgina, Alabama and Mississippi with mobile stages... Continue Reading →

Uptick in Covid 19 has caused more cancellations in an Industry that is nearly shut down.

The live event industry is basically shut down. There are a few things going on with social spaced events, or other small gatherings. But not many. Many of us have found work doing live stream events, but to me that's... Continue Reading →

Help save the music that you love.

Georgia - We still need your help, now more than ever. Our Senators, Kelly Loeffler & David Perdue, have the influence to save independent live music venues, promoters and festivals across Georgia and the USA. Thus far, they have chosen... Continue Reading →

Here is an article that is worth reading.

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