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Mobile Stages in the Atlanta Area

North Point’s July 4th Service

Charles was up early this morning getting the banners perfect for the July 4th service at North Point on an SL320. This unit is one of Mobile Stage Rental’s units. We have three SL320’s up this weekend so we had... Continue Reading →

StageLine SL320 mobile stage set up for North Point Church

Here is our SL320 set up for a July 4 service at North Point Church. Cameron was the lead tech and Preston with Streamlined was our client.

SL320 for July 4th in Springfield TN

Here is another good looking set up for the July 4th celebrations in Springfield TN. Bill Abner set this one up for Mark Hawkins with War Babies productions.

FOH SL100 or FOH Tent ??

We were asked to do a FOH StageLine SL100 for our friends at AVL in Jacksonville. It worked well. Looked great. We put spots on scaffold on the back side of the 100. And they hung delay speakers back there... Continue Reading →

SL320 for Spellman Graduation

Here is a good looking set up for Spellman with an ADA ramp. Our SL320 has had a busy spring with graduations in Atlanta.

SL100 mobile stage for a Graduation.

Here is one of our StageLine SL100’s at North Atlanta High. Ready for graduations.

South Georgia events are happing. StageLine SL100. (at least south of Atlanta)

Not a bad looking set up. Looks like they will make the noon start time. 9am to noon set ups used to be a stressful day, Seems like it’s easy these days now that we don’t have Genie towers and... Continue Reading →

Meanwhile in South Carolina….. Charles gets to help set up an SL100.

We got a call to help a brother out with a stage rental and got to help Chad out and see some old friends at the same time.

Here is a really good looking StageLine SL250 that we did for Pisgah AVL in Asheville NC

Cameron made the drive up from Jacksonville to do this beautiful set up. Pisgah AVL gave us the call. Looks great. Good looking set up.

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