Not enough power….. .  that’s one of the worst things you can experience in this business.  Brownouts damage gear, blackouts loose shows.       Have enough power designed into the production.    Skip lunch, not the extra power drop.


PIE.    Power equals Current times Voltage.

This is simple algebra.    X=Y*Z.    So X/Y=Y     AND X/Z=y

1000 Watt stage light at 110 volts uses 9.09 Amps

Take your total wattage.    Divided by 110 volts.   This gives your amperage.   On a large 3 phase system, divide that by 3 to get your total amperage per leg.    It is a good idea to add 10-15% head room.

If you don’t understand or don’t feel 100% comfortable, call, text or email Bill Hanawalt.

A real world example:

120 -1000 watt stage lights

8 movers at 800 watts

4 bars of ACL at 2,400 watts per bar

2 sets of 9 lights at 4,200 watts per bank

144,400 watts is what we know.    110 volts we know.   Gives us 1,312 amps.    On 3 legs.  Is 437 amps……    If 4/0 cable is good to 400 amps, now we see why so many rock shows want a 400 for conventionals and a 200 for the movers.