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Mobile Stages in the Atlanta Area



USO on an SL320 mobile stage.

160 heads 3,000 lbs of sound in the air (ground stacked subs) 3,500 lbs of video wall flown (more on the ground ) 12,500 lbs total flown.

16 points on an SL320

This is one busy SL320 mobile stage !!! 16 chain motors. Tomorrow we hope to lift 12,500 lbs on it.

SL320 Mobile Stage Rigging plan

SL320 Rigging Plan-271_under   Stageline Rigging Plan Approval Oct.

StageLine SL320 Mobile Stage 40′ x 40′

This is a 40 x 40 mobile stage.    It's takes 1 technician and 4 hands about 4 hours to build.   It doesn't lift much more than chain motors and banners, but once they are up, they have a... Continue Reading →

ForeStay Services does Mobile Stages in the south east.

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