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First SL250 for 2020

Cameron stayed up all night just so he could be the first one at ForeStay on a mobile stage in 2020. He set it last year and struck over night on 1/1/20. Thank you Mike for inviting us to come... Continue Reading →

Homecoming at Emory University on a Stage Line SL250 Mobile stage

Thanks for our friends at Lighting Production and Equipment for sending the work our way this weekend. This is Mobile Stage Rental's SL250 set up for homecoming at Emory in Atlanta GA.

The SL250 Mobile stage happened in Ashville NC with Primus for the Orange Peel.

We really love this gig. Good looking space up here.

Moon River Music Fest on StageLine SL320 and SL250.

Huge turn out for this one. A bit wet, but it's going well. We did an SL320 Mobile Stage for the main stage. Thanks to Ryan at Harmonic Audio for booking us on it. Long view. Closer view before gates... Continue Reading →

Quick, clean, good lookin mobile stage set up SL250 Cartersville GA Budweiser plant

Thank you Jana Ball for giving us a call to help out on this. It was super quick and looks amazing. I love an SL250 Mobile when they turn out like this. Simple beauty. And the Budweiser graphics make it... Continue Reading →

UNUM stage at River Bend. Chattanooga TN. Stage Line SL250

Small side stage at River Bend. The SL250 in its basic configuration. Handling the sound and lighting package with ease. We are proud to be part of the Mobile Stage Rental network.

nathaniel-rateliff-the-night-sweats-sold-out. SL250 mobile stage Ashville NC

Pisgah Audio Video Lighting llc gave us a call to come out with an SL250 We love coming to Asheville and Highland Brewing has these shows with the Orange Peel. It's a great combo. The venue is the Meadow and... Continue Reading →

Wind Chart for Stageline Mobile Stage Products (SL100, SL250, SL260, SL320, SAM 550, SAM 750)

My SL100 mobile stage has this on the side of it, but I never did have a PDF version of it.    And I never seem to be able to find one online when I need it.     Below and... Continue Reading →

SL250 and the John Buttler Trio in the Meadows for the Orange Peal.   

Really cool show and way packed.   The guys at Highland Brewer know how to make a party.    This MSR StageLine mobile stage SL250 was in Asheville NC this weekend.    

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